The Evolutionary Imperative to become Celibate

At this key point in our spiritual evolution, I wish to share with you an essential aspect to my 7-year spiritual journey, a drive to become celibate. When this first occurred I was unclear as to the significance of this action. Since that time I have learned that it was connected to evolutionary transformation. In a nutshell, at certain points in spiritual evolution, many individuals subconsciously respond to an imperative to transmute the sex-force/Life-force’s purpose from procreation to raising the consciousness.
My quest to understand this Energy within myself has led me to this very moment in time, where I have accepted this imperative as not only for my sake, but for the evolution of all Life. With that acceptance, I am being moved to give a voice and face to reach out to others who have also been moved to adopt celibacy. And so I humbly ask if you are one of those individuals with the same imperative to consider, ‘taking a stance with me for the soul purpose of focusing this intent to raise the vibration of the mass consciousness on a level never seen before in human history.’
Please understand that when I speak of celibacy, I do not mean merely abstention. Abstinence is a conscious choice from an outside influence; whereas celibacy arises from within. In addition, it is important to state that celibacy cannot be forced. Even if a person wants to help by becoming celibate, unless the desire has arisen from within, it is inadvisable to become celibate. The result of forced celibacy can be seen in the rampant pedophilia scandal involving dozens of Catholic priests. Sexual desire cannot be forcibly suppressed, because of natural human instincts to procreate if celibacy is forced then it may lead to obsession or perversion.
As we move closer to the ‘dawning of the new age’ I feel an urgency to take this stand to raise the vibration by uniting all who are being pulled to do so. In this act of unity/celibacy we will help bring balance and harmony by transmuting this energy to a higher vibration bringing together one more piece of the puzzle to help move Humanity to the next level in evolution.
As stated above, celibacy is not for everyone and I am only making this plea to those who recognize this as a commitment worthy in the name of all that is good in Humanity. In my humble opinion this is a necessary and required step to show the forces of the universe that we are willing to do whatever it takes to move Humanity into the next level of evolution before Dec 21, 2012.
Those of us moved by this evolutionary imperative are climbing the mountain of skepticism over the belief that one person’s commitment can make a difference. Although we are almost over the summit, we cannot finish the last steps alone. We need one another to help inspire each other to the top where we may see the sun rise and the sun set together. Let our intent be heard throughout the great Planes of Divinity beyond the veil so that all life may rejoice in this great commitment.
If you are being pulled to help, I implore you do not ignore this evolutionary imperative, but instead walk with me in this cause. For those of you who are married or with a significant other, it may be more difficult than if you are single. However, at this pivotal point in evolution, we are all being drawn to spiritual partners that will assist in our transformation. Maybe your respective partners are more receptive to your experience than you think. Also, celibacy does not always need to be permanent, you may find that after awhile, you can resume normal sexual relations; it just depends on the individual.
There is a place on our site ( where I will ask you to add your energy and sign up as a point of light. Your commitment will be illuminated on a map of the world as your light shining in the darkness for all to see. This sanctuary is the gathering place for the 777,000 that have come to help raise the consciousness of the world and who each have a specific way in which to help.
Everyone can help by lending their specific energy frequency and their unique contribution to bring together the body of the Christ spoken of in the bible. Without each individual the sanctuary of the Know Thyself Initiative will not have served its purpose. The doorway into another existence is over the summit through the doorway/portent of KTI, gather no provisions for your body and let us leave this place together.


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